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EMI shop flier (UK), August 1966

Elektra advert in World Countdown (US), December 1967

Decca shop booklet (UK), December 1969

UK sheet music, June 1967


eldorado is a virtual museum of musical ephemera (vintage press releases, promo photos, posters, adverts, articles and more), most of which can’t be seen anywhere else.

It’s a unique and constantly growing resource, available completely free to all our users.

How to use eldorado

Any record in our library with associated eldorado content has an ‘eldorado’ button next to it, which will take you to the relevant material. Alternatively, you can click the same button on an artist’s page and view all the associated content in one place. Items consisting of more than one image have a paperclip icon in the top right corner.

Contributing to eldorado

All our users are welcome to add to eldorado. To do so, please find the master for the relevant record and click ‘Contribute to eldorado’. If there's already eldorado content for the record in question, please click the ‘eldorado’ button and then ‘Contribute to eldorado’.

Copyright notice

elvinyl does not claim copyright in anything contained in eldorado. If you think your copyright is infringed by the inclusion of anything in it, please let us know